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There is almost no need to introduce Gmail because it has become one of the most popular, if not the most popular online email service provider in the whole world. Gmail, a Google powered company was first introduced in 2004 and gained a tremendous popularity that has been on the rise since 2007. We can guess that the increase in users and popularity came because they left behind the invitation method implemented at first and made it free and available for everyone who wanted to sign up for it. If you are not a Gmail user yet you still might be very familiar with other Google powered tools such as Google itself, Youtube, Calendar, Maps, among other features that become even easier and better to use once you have registered for a Gmail account. This guide will help you with Gmail sign in.

Gmail offers the ability to have all the features you might need in one place. All of your other accounts like Youtube become synchronized with your email making it extremely useful and convenient when looking for videos of your interested and keeping things organized. Also other features like Google Drive, offer you the ability to have all your word documents, power points, videos, excel sheets, etc in one place. Also, Google Photos allows you to simultaneously save a digital copy of your photos to an online cloud that you will have access to from any device.  What is this means for you is having the ability to create, edit and access all of your information using one platform, there will be no need to create several accounts in other websites to be able to access the services that are being offered through Gmail.  

In order to access your Gmail account simply follow these steps (Gmail Sign in):

  1. Open the web browser on your device and type or . For easiest access you can also just click on those links and you will be automatically redirected to the Gmail’s main site  gmail sign in
  2. Once you are in Gmail’s website, enter your username and password on the corresponding boxes. Please make sure to be aware of the capslock because the password is case sensitive and you might receive an error if you type the password with the wrong uppercase or lowercase letters.  gmail sign in
  3. After you have typed the information on the corresponding boxes, double check to ensure the information you have entered is correct. When typing your username/email you do not need to write at the end, however it should work both ways.
  4. Proceed to click on Sign-In and you should be redirected to your mailbox ! gmail sign in
  5. Enjoy Gmail !

If you are having any trouble logging into your account make sure the information you are entering is accurate before you decide to reset your password. One way to check if your password is correctly typed is to copy the password and paste it into a text document, once you are on the text document or plain text area, you can edit it and continue to copy and paste it into the corresponding box. However, if you keep experimenting issues go ahead and click on Trouble Signing in and follow the onscreen instructions.

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