How To Create a Gmail Account

There is no doubt that Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers and this is because of the wide range of features that are being offered to their members. When signing up for an email through this Google based service, you will be receiving more than just a Contact list and a Mailbox. Gmail offers one of the highest free cloud storage in the market, in addition to features like, Wallet, Shopping, Finance, Docs, Power Point, Excel, Translate, Maps, among other applications that are not available for free in any other email service provider. In addition to all of this, Gmail is one of the safest emails offering features like, being able to sign your email out remotely from any device, activating two-step verification codes, among others. The information below will guide you to create gmail account.

In order to sign up for this email service, simply follow these simple steps (create gmail account):

  1. Open the web browser application and/or program in your personal device and go to Gmail’s main page by typing or . (You can also simply click on the blue links and you will be directed automatically )
  2. Under the many to enter your account information there is a blue underlined text that reads “Create an Account” , click there  create gmail account
  3. By clicking “Create an Account” you will be taken to the Signup form. Here, you will be required to enter a Name, Last Name, Desired username (email), Password, and Birthday. After you have entered this information, you need to Agree Google’s Terms of Service & Private Policy in order to continue. create gmail account
  4. Next, you will be required to create a Google profile, here you are asked to upload a photo (Optional) and once you have done this (or not) you can select Continue.create gmail account
  5. You are all done ! and now you will be taken to your Mailbox where several onscreen instructions will show you the very basics of Gmail!.

Once you have created your Gmail Account you will have instant access to all the previously mentioned features. One easy way in which you can see most of the features offered to you is by clicking on the dots squared situated in your Google’s Home page and Gmail’s Inbox, here,  you will be shown a list of features that are available to you for free.

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